Statement of Purpose and Organizing Principles

We, the San Francisco Drug Users’ Union, unite under a broad agenda based on the social, legal, health, and policy issues confronting drug users daily in San Francisco.   We, as drug users, former drug users and people who care about drug users, reject the victimization of people who use drugs and join in the spirit of other Drug Users’ Unions nationally and internationally.   After too many years of a failed “Drug War,” it is obvious to us that we need a new direction, and that the first step in setting that new direction is to include the voices of drug users!
We, the San Francisco Drug Users’ Union, have the following broad goals: to decriminalize drugs and drug use; to create a safe environment where people can use & enjoy drugs as well as receive services;  to promote a positive image of drug users  to engender respect within our community and from outside our community;  to work towards access to better quality and safer drugs;  to ensure fair treatment by the law, by service providers, and by healthcare workers; and to advocate for more harm reduction-based services including counseling and overdose  prevention.  While we work towards these goals, we will also incorporate new issues that are of concern to San Francisco’s drug using community. 
May 2010